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Financial Stress of Military Families

Military families face many challenges.

An annual military family lifestyle survey conducted by Blue Star Families found that the service members and their spouses rank financial stress as their greatest concern, even over deployment. Many don’t pay their bills on time and some have debts in collection. Childcare costs and relocation expenses make it extra challenging. Here are some tips:

• Plan for deployment. 

• Create a household budget and use the additional funds received while deployed. 

• Set some goals and work your plan. 

• Aim to establish an emergency fund of at least $1,000 and set a goal to pay down debt. A spouse who stewards money well is a blessing to the one that is deployed!

• Set up automatic bill pay. This will give you and your family one less thing to be concerned about during deployments.

• Wisely consider your housing options. There are pros and cons to homeownership and renting. Consider the financial cost and flexibility. Pray for wisdom.

• Recognize that all you have is from God and that He entrusts you to manage it for His glory. Giving, saving, and investing by His financial principles will reduce the stress of military service.

• And finally, thank you for your service! May the Lord be your rock, your fortress, and your deliverer, the One in whom you take refuge.

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