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Financial Promises in Proverbs

Did you know the Proverbs help us prepare for economic ups and downs? 

I have a close friend who manages his family’s business. In the early ’80s, the business experienced extreme stress. He grew very concerned about the global economic slowdown. His father was considered very wise by all who knew him. He had founded the company decades earlier and weathered the ups and downs of many economic storms. So, my friend went to him seeking comfort and counsel. His father simply said, “The economy goes up and the economy goes down. Remember this and plan accordingly.” That’s all he said.

The Bible tells us to plan wisely. We have the Book of Proverbs in which two priceless promises are contained. Promise Number One: wisdom and discipline can be acquired. We all make mistakes but the Proverbs help us become wise and disciplined in behavior. This enables us to live within our means and to break out of the cycle of debt. It frees us to achieve our potential and accomplish our life purpose. Promise Number Two: the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. You see Proverbs links the fear of God with ending foolishness. A life of wisdom and discipline begins by giving the Lord the respect and position in our lives that He deserves. God wants us to acknowledge our need for Him. It begins with reverential awe of Him and the recognition that He is God and there is no other. So trust Him, rest in His promises, and thank Him for the wise people in your life!

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