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Financial Plans and Record-Keeping

Want to bless your loved ones? Organize your financial records.

Everyone needs to establish and periodically update a financial inventory. It’s vital in case of an emergency!

We’ve all got friends and family members who’ve suddenly lost spouses.

In a sudden death, unexpected health crisis or natural disaster, locating necessary paperwork is either easy or a nightmare.

Taking the time to prepare now will help you and those you love in the future. Financial records should include the following:

A personal directory of those to be notified in case of death or injury.

A professional directory of those who can help: your attorney, church, doctors, accountant, insurance agent, brokers, bankers, financial advisors, board and organization affiliates.

A document location list of passwords, documents, and where they’re kept. Give a copy to your attorney, a trusted friend or family member.

A list of all account names, numbers, and contact information and the access codes to safety deposit boxes or safes.

Your personal financial statement: this lists your assets – what you own and your liabilities – what you owe. The difference being your net worth.

Finally, a cash-flow statement. This is the cash you have or can get to and where it’s located. Include all banks, savings, and retirement accounts, stock, bonds, funds, insurance, Social Security benefits, annuities, deferred compensation and contracts.

Seriously! Updating your financial records should be completed sooner than later. Include written goals and a crisis budget to help grieving family members during the initial shock.

As you organize your records, remember that earthly treasure fades in comparison to true riches. But, our preparation now will provide for and bless those we love in the future.

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