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Financial Planning – Single or Married

A single person once asked me if he should be planning ahead for marriage someday. 

Well, we don’t know what the future holds, but yes, whether single or married we should always spend less than we earn. It impacts lifestyle decisions but has huge ramifications.

So get ready! I’m going to be firing a bunch of my tips. 

Keep a spending diary. Implement a waiting period for 24-48 hours to analyze if a desire is a want or a need.

Use cash to limit spending.

Recognize retail tricks– like special sales or one-time-only offers. Look for ways to reduce your food and entertainment costs. 

These savings tips can enable you to grow a healthy emergency fund. They may also allow you to max out IRA, 401k and HSA plans. 

Maximize your income by increasing your skills, negotiating a raise, or taking on an extra job. Expand your financial knowledge. Enroll in a Crown online class.

Eliminate personal debt. This will communicate self-control and financial wholeness if you want to marry someday.

Live on a budget and determine if renting or buying is best. Roommates can cut costs and help with maintenance.

Also, get in the habit of giving. 10% too scary for you? Then start with 1% and increase it every month. It’s an opportunity to trust God with the remaining 90%.

Remember, if you’re faithful in little things you’ll also be faithful in much. Single or married!

And if credit card debt is causing you anxiety, I recommend Christian Credit Counselors. They can create a debt management plan just for you. For more information call the Crown Helpline at 800-722-1976 or visit online at