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Financial Anxiety – S.O.S.

Do you suffer from financial anxiety?

If you find yourself dwelling on “what if” scenarios, I want you to think S.O.S. Stop! Organize! Start! If you’re overspending, accumulating debt, and living with stress to make it to the end of the month, declare that you’ll stop repeating those mistakes. It’s the first step of financial wisdom to reduce your anxiety. Stopping is progress! Next, Organize. Make a plan to repair the problems you’ve created. They won’t disappear by winning the lottery or ignoring them. Get help and seek training to address your issues and establish goals. Begin a process to right the wrongs. Ask the Lord to help you persevere through this step with discipline, self-control, and hope. Despite the trials and tribulations, God will never leave you or forsake you. Being organized is a major step in reducing anxiety. Now once you’ve stopped and organized, you’re two-thirds of the way there.

Now, get started! God wants you to start doing what’s good and faithful with money. Find wise mentors and gain knowledge from those who will guide and encourage you. Renew your mind daily in God’s Word. Then prioritize your life around the basic principles of giving first, saving second, and living on the rest. A defined budget will help you restructure your lifestyle. You CAN reduce financial anxiety by remembering S.O.S: Stop! Organize! Start! 

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