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Financial Advice from the Crown Staff

Do you like to hear good financial advice? How about some tips from the Crown staff!

I recently asked my employees for their favorite money tips. Here’s what I learned!

Megan and her husband intentionally spend $3 less on meals they want when eating out. They Google coupons and search store apps for discounts or coupons.

Amy Immediately transfers money to savings from every paycheck. She checks coupon apps like RetailMeNot and takes groups for lunch to the restaurant with the best deal!

Melinda always plans ahead! She shops with a list, doesn’t make impulse purchases, and asks 3 questions before making any big purchase: How often will we use this? Do we have a place to store it? Is it worth it?

Hannah Sets a percentage of the budget for savings. When shopping, she asks “Does this purchase honor God and help me stick to my budget?”

Jerry and his wife rigidly stick to a budget sometimes challenging themselves to spend less in each category than they did the previous month. They never grocery shop when hungry.

Tracey starts her Christmas shopping early –  hunting for unique and inexpensive gifts at fall festivals so she can avoid crazy sale crowds.

Kim contacts her cable company at least once a year to seek “loyalty” discounts.

Arielle has budget-minded friends that notify each other about sales, offer to pick up sale groceries, and divide items purchased in bulk.

Heather researches online because she knows comparison shopping saves money! She looks at monthly savings as just another bill that must get paid.

I drive used cars, rent cars for long road trips, and take advantage of high deductible insurance coverage. I like automatic savings deposits and periodic adjusting of tax withholdings.

I’ve learned that Solomon was right, “Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed.”

Some advice that all of the staff would give you is to contact Christian Credit Counselors if you have overwhelming credit card debt. You can start with a free debt analysis by visiting or call 800-722-1976