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Fasting Over Finances

Ever fasted over your finances?

Fasting enables you to take your eyes off the things of this world so you can focus on the Lord. The Bible addresses fasting for repentance, sorrow, deliverance, guidance and help. There are different types including fasting from foods, drinks or certain activities. Done in humility and not to show off our righteousness, fasting strengthens us to overcome sin and draw closer to God. We read in Luke 2 that Anna, the prophetess, served God day and night with fasting and prayers. John the Baptist taught his disciples to fast. And in Mark 2, Jesus said His disciples would fast after his death. 

In this year’s prayer guide for Lent, Pastor Nate Shurden wrote, “When we fast, we say, “No” to something we enjoy. Whenever we do that, we pick a fight with our flesh. For whenever we abstain from something, we expose how strong our desire is for certain earthly things. By denying ourselves in this way, we clean out the soul, making room for God. This is why prayer goes hand-in-hand with fasting. For when you desire whatever-it-is you’re fasting from, instead of turning to that thing, you turn to God in prayer. In feeling the pain of emptiness, you take time to be filled up with God.”

Now this has been my experience. Whether seeking His will in financial decisions or dealing with financial pain, try fasting. Turn to Him. Only the Lord can satisfy your deepest longings.

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