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Faithfulness In Small Things Is A Big Thing

Faithfulness in small things is a big thing. Throughout Scripture, God calls each of us to be faithful. When it comes to our finances, we often get this confused with becoming successful.

Financial success, according to the world, is measured by the amount of money we have accumulated, but that’s not the standard God uses. God calls us to be faithful to Him with what we have, whether that’s a lot or a little.

Some of the happiest people I’ve met are those who have very little. They’re faithful, but in the eyes of the world, they’re not seen as very successful.

I visited a landfill recently and saw children playing classical music on instruments that were made from trash! They were inspired to make their own violins, horns, and cellos from paint cans and old scrap metal. 

I’ve met with pastors that take the gospel to primitive people along the Amazon, faithful farmers in Africa who are teaching others to farm with excellence, a woman who ministers to refugees in Czechoslovakia and more than I have time to tell you. All of them are living with purpose and filled with joy because they are giving their utmost for God’s highest.  

One day, we’ll all stand before the Lord and give an account of how we used our time, talents, and resources. We will not be asked if we amassed great wealth, but we will be asked if we were faithful with what we had, no matter the amount. After we’re evaluated, we’ll be appointed as stewards in God’s eternal Kingdom!


You are not your own, you were bought with a price. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

So, believe it and live it!

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