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Faithful Stewards

How faithful are you with God’s money? Need some encouragement?

I love hearing about faithful stewards. They’re out there, but often they exist under the radar. They live frugally and plod steadily. They’re not impressed with things of this world but keep eternity in the forefront of their minds.

One particularly large family comes to my mind– and I mean large! Eleven children large! They live in a comfortable house and are diligently raising their children for Christ.

They live frugally, but that doesn’t prevent them from having a great time. They entertain frequently and host small groups, missionaries, and extended family throughout the year.

They play sports, enjoy music, cook great meals at home and enjoy weekly movie nights. Mom and dad enjoy date nights wherever they can use coupons.

They’re happy! Their frugal lifestyle hasn’t robbed them of joy. In fact, it’s enhanced it. They’re able to provide for their large family and bless others because they’re disciplined in their spending. Dad works hard, mom manages the household, and the children are genuinely content.

In a culture saturated in materialism with little thought of the future, gratitude has been replaced with discontentment. We’re like grumblers in the wilderness. We fail to acknowledge the mercy of our Lord and Savior, our great Provider, and that mercy cost Jesus his life! 

That’s good news for us and motivation to live differently. It’s a call to be faithful! 

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