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Enjoying Your Job


Do you like your work? The ancient philosopher Aristotle said “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.”

When we enjoy our work we do it better than the one who does not. And, great satisfaction is found when our gifts and talents are put into action.

If our purpose on earth is to serve God by glorifying Him in all that we do, then our vocation is a platform for that purpose.

In fact, we have the awesome privilege and responsibility of orienting our lives accordingly. Only by putting those gifts and talents into practice can we truly experience deep joy in what we do.

Regardless of income, prestige or security of a vocation, unless the work merges with God’s will, unrest will appear. Sadly many live discontented lives because they don’t have the courage or support at home to make a career move.

Income temporarily satisfies. And, many people are trapped in prestigious, well-paying jobs that do not give them any purpose or meaning.

The Bible says a success is someone who serves God, is of service to others, who provides the needs of his family and is at peace. In other words, a success is someone with his priorities in order.

As Christians, we have the advantage of being able to view life from God’s perspective. Through prayer, networks, and skill development, we can trust Him to place us in positions of fulfilling work. We must be willing to let go of what the world says is safe and smart to embrace how God made us and follow His lead.

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