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Embracing God’s Principles

Think your marriage suffers from financial problems? That may not be the case!

Until a Christian couple shares the same beliefs about money they will struggle with the same problems as the world – like debt, poor purchasing decisions, living paycheck to paycheck, and no retirement savings.

These are financial problems….. but they’re just the FRUIT, not the ROOT of the issue. 
Financial lies are the root of the problem. 

Most financial training focuses on telling people what to do, not why they should do it. But, lasting, unwavering change requires conviction to embrace a belief, hide it in our hearts, and allow it to guide us.

Ann and I have specific beliefs about money. Th  ese principles dictate our actions with money, and are unwaverhing because we didn’t come up with them! We found them in the Bible.   

We believe giving is the best use of money. We save consistently to be prepared for emergencies, but never hoard. We avoid debt, because we know spending is an indication of our heart’s condition, and True Riches in heaven are more important than worldly wealth. And we know that investing requires counsel and caution.  

It takes daily work for both of us to put these principles into practice.

In fact, unity in marriage doesn’t happen without work. The steps God has outlined in His Word WILL bring peace, unity and joy into a relationship. It requires, however, that you not be “conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

Align your beliefs, so your love and money can work together. That’s how you’ll experience unity with your spouse.

Ann and I know that unity in marriage requires work, because we’ve had to work at it for 38 years! We’re passionate about helping other couples find the freedom of aligning your hearts and finances, so we wrote a book together – Money Problems, Marriage Solutions. You can receive your copy by making a donation of any amount to Crown Financial Ministries this month at