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Embrace Limitations


Do you try to “do it all”? Finding a balance in life is challenging….

My friend, Dr. Anne Bradley, is a busy mom and a VP at the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics. She feels the pressures of living and raising children in a fallen world and the confusion about calling and identity.

She knows balance can’t be maintained in this world because things are constantly changing. So she chooses to embrace limitations.

Time, money, and schedules dictate what we can and can’t do. The key is learning what we can do with joy. Schedules and demands will change, so we humbly accept what we can manage well.

Each of us must fulfill the calling God has placed on our lives in a world limited by brokenness and filled with sin. Only by His strength and power can we attempt to accomplish the mission He’s given each of us.

Dr. Bradley says:

“You can’t be anything you want to be—because you are inherently limited. It also means that you probably won’t be the best in the world. That’s okay too. God didn’t promise that we would be the best in the world, but he did promise that we can be the best that HE created us to be, and that is fulfilling.”

A life aligned with Christ is one with an eternal perspective. That requires a humble heart and the creativity to steward our resources well. We’ll all struggle with stress at some level.  That’s why a relationship with Christ is essential! He placed us here for a reason, and He will faithfully sustain us when we put our hope in Him.

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