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Elder Care Considerations

Will elderly relatives soon be living with you?   

Nearly 2 million people live in group homes, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. Covid has made it tough! Years ago, relatives combined resources to care for parents and grandparents, but smaller families have spread the care among fewer children. Today, millions of Americans work as unpaid caregivers for a growing population of elderly adults. Caregivers are dipping into savings, adding to their debt, and delaying retirement. Many have had to quit jobs or cut back hours. They not only worry about their finances, but they struggle with depression, fatigue, and care-induced health issues such as back pain. Ideally, family members should plan ahead to work out each person’s role and responsibility. That way, if and when the time comes, plans are implemented smoothly. suggests that families answer 5 questions. 

1. Who will be the financial caregiver?

2. Who can handle day-to-day needs?

3. What are the housing options?

4. How will we communicate as a family?

5. How will we navigate the eventuality of death?

Discussions now will prepare us to bless our parents, our children, and grandchildren. With love and respect, ask some specific details. Do your loved ones have long-term care insurance? Do they have debt? Or assets? Ask to see the paperwork. The Lord commanded us to honor our father and mother. We must prepare financially, knowing He will give us the grace and strength we need to lovingly serve them till the very end. 

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