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Earn the Right to Be Heard

Feeling at odds with the culture at your workplace? 

Christianity’s always been at odds with culture, not just corporate culture but the entire unredeemed world. Yet, we’re called to serve as salt and light. We don’t compromise Truth or God’s call on our lives, but we must be wise and discerning. Do you speak out or do you guard your job while privately supporting causes that will impact the kingdom and the culture? The Bible says there is a time and season for both options. So how you can have the greatest influence? There are redemptive ways to influence others. Working with excellence brings glory to God. You can influence leadership by seeking shalom, serving with humility and demonstrating trustworthiness. Listen well and ask good questions. Be a winsome team player who offers solutions when possible. Don’t complain or gossip, but look for the good in people and situations.

In his book, Why You Think the Way You Do, author Glenn Sunshine says: “In political life, we must keep the importance of the image of God shared by people of all nationalities front and center in our thinking, but we must be careful. Christ’s kingdom is not of this world, and it will never be ushered in through political power. Instead, we must live lives consistent with our faith, and thus by our concern and our action on behalf of others we will earn the right to be heard.” So, in these turbulent times, pray for your workplace and ask God for opportunities to share the hope that is in you with gentleness and respect. 

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