Give Now

Don’t Wait – Just Do It!

Are you waiting to make a budget until you make a little more money?

Or to start giving when you’ve paid off your debt?

That you’ll start saving for retirement first thing next year?

But you just never seem to get there…

Procrastination … we all do it! It’s like the classic promise we make to start dieting on Monday, but Monday never comes. But you don’t need to wait for next week or the New Year to get here – start TODAY!

There’s nothing stopping you except yourself. And you may be missing out on the blessings of the Lord. Pray and ask God for wisdom on how to honor Him with your finances, and then make a plan to do it. A great way to get started is by downloading the Money Map. It’s a simple guide that will help you make, and reach, financial goals that are in line with Scripture.

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