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Don’t Let Car Insurance Lapse

Ever missed an insurance payment?

When money’s tight, it’s tempting to delay paying your bills. Just don’t mess around with car insurance. Contact your insurer immediately. Ask about their payment policies. Hopefully, they’ll defer a month’s payment. If the policy is set to autopay, you may be able to manage it online or ask the company to pause it for you. Insurers have specific dates in which payments must be received. If you miss a date, it’s possible your policy gets canceled – even if the payment arrives just one day late. However, many companies are prepared to offer a grace period from 10 to 30 days.

If you miss a payment, don’t panic. A company may let your first one slide. Just don’t make that assumption. Call as soon as you realize you’ve got a problem. Politely explain the situation and humbly ask how they can help. Make your payment as soon as possible. If it was just an oversight, enroll in autopay so it doesn’t happen again in the future. You might even receive a discount for enrolling. Late payments can result in a canceled policy. The company could deny the purchase of a different one, or you could face higher rates with a new policy. Multiple fines could result. When insurance is canceled, you’ll have to purchase a new policy and update information to your state’s department of motor vehicles. It could get reported to the credit bureau and damage your credit score. So, spend wisely and always pay on time!

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