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Don’t Ignore the Greatest Gift of All

We know that Christmas comes on the 25th every year, but we’re still shopping today. Are you a procrastinator? 

In college, I became an expert at procrastination. Though granted plenty of time to prepare, I often ignored due dates and warnings. Procrastination is part of our fallen nature. We know taxes are due April 15th every year, but we wait until the final days and hours to file our tax returns. We know a car must have gasoline to operate properly, but we ignore the warning light. We know that Christ will return as he promised, but we postpone getting serious about our total commitment to His kingdom. With all good intentions, we run the risk of waiting until it’s too late. 

God calls us to a total commitment to Him. His Word declares that our treasures will be wherever our hearts are. So where are your treasures today? Many in the world consider themselves to be religious. They have great respect and admiration for Jesus Christ. Some refer to him as a great prophet. Some are eager for him to return and bring peace to a fallen world, but many will hear, “I don’t know you” if they’ve not been born again by the Spirit.

Tomorrow we celebrate the birth of Christ. The greatest gift we’ll ever be offered is found in Him alone. The Apostle Paul said, “the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 6:23) Eternal Life! It’s worth far more than all riches of this world!

Now December is the most important month for charitable giving. Your gift to Crown before year-end will be doubled through our Matching Challenge, and you can receive my new e-book “7 Gray Swans” as a thank you for your generosity!  A small gift will make a big impact. Please give today at