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Don’t Compromise

Think a little fudging here or there won’t matter in the long run? Think again!

The Bible’s full of people who fudged a little here and a little there. And, today we’re bombarded with stories of personal failure in the news. Compromise does NOT bring contentment!

Take Solomon. The Lord blessed him with wisdom and wealth beyond measure. But, Solomon failed to walk before God in integrity of heart and uprightness as David his father did. He squandered God’s gifts, and the kingdom was torn away from him. All that wealth and wisdom meant nothing in the long run because He didn’t use it to glorify God. Solomon discovered that compromise did NOT bring contentment!

Temptations distract us, but giving in to our desires propels us down a costly path we don’t want to consider. Our wants blind reality when we’re moved by feelings instead of facts. That’s why we need to guard our hearts and renew our minds on Truth.

A survey at revealed that 5 out of 6 Americans make significant impulse purchases. Over half of the respondents admitted to a $100 unplanned purchase, and 20% confess to spending $1,000 or more on a whim.

Impulse purchases compromise your budget – and that spells trouble. A little debt can have big consequences.

A budget is a plan to bring peace into your life. But, a budget won’t work unless you work your budget! Apply yourself whole-heartedly without compromise and you WILL benefit in the long-run.

Budgeting balances spending with income to determine where to cut back to develop a surplus. The surplus is what God can use to enhance your life and His work.  

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