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Don’t Add to Credit Card Debt

Got credit card debt? Do you want to get rid of it this year?

To eliminate debt, you have to stop adding to it. The average American holds 52% more debt today than they did a decade ago.

Think about it! When you’re sick, you take care of yourself. It’s the same with money. Diabetics can’t eat whatever they want, and stewards can’t spend whatever they want. 

And if you’ve got credit card debt, take action, and fast! Analyze your weaknesses, remove the temptations, then put up some boundaries.

Who or what influences you to overspend? Is it TV? Social media? Certain friends or family members? Study your bank and credit card statements. Categorize your spending. Then, like a skilled surgeon, make some cuts.

Face the facts, get focused and discipline yourself. Make 2020 the year you control your spending. One year of self-controlled spending will impact your finances in a HUGE way. Ignore the wants and focus on NEEDS until you’re out of debt and have some margin.

Diabetics avoid hospitalization, coma, and amputation by monitoring their blood sugar levels. Stewards avoid bankruptcy, repos, tax and marriage problems by monitoring their spending.

So today, I’m advising you to break your dependence on credit cards. Eliminate the temptations and plan ahead! With humility, gratitude, and creativity you can enjoy a full life and bless others every single day.

And if you’re counting on a tax refund to pay off your credit card debt, get in touch with Christian Credit Counselors. They can help you make a pay-off plan and learn how to avoid debt in the future. Learn more at or call the Crown Help Line at 800-722-1976.