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Developing a High EQ

It’s been said that a high IQ can get you a job, but a low EQ can get you fired. Do you know the difference?

IQ stands for “intelligence quotient”, and is used to measure intellectual levels. EQ, or “emotional quotient”, is the ability to recognize, understand, process and manage emotions in one’s self and in others.

Those possessing high EQs are uniquely self aware and capable of adjusting in positive ways. They quickly pick up on the emotions of others and react maturely to protect and improve relationships.

Emotional and social intelligence is vital in marriage and family happiness… as well as career success and satisfaction.

The Bible is full of references to man’s emotions and often contrasts wisdom and foolishness. For example, Proverbs 29:11 reads,

“A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man holds it in check.

If you have a high EQ, you’re going to excel in your work, earn more money, have less stress, find more fulfillment in your work.  

Leaders with high EQs recognize and empathize with their employees’ needsThey effectively encourage and manage well. They are trusted and capable of building strong teams and high employee morale. In fact, a corporate culture that delights in working together is necessary to retain talent, reach financial goals, and ultimately make an impact in the world.

Thankfully, EQ  skills can be developed even in children…. skills of self-awareness and regulation. Did you know the ability to delay gratification is a primary indicator of future success? This is evident in those who are willing to work hard today and wait on the reward – a trait contrary to our culture of instant gratification.

Another critical aspect of having a good EQ is understanding yourself. Crown’s Career Direct assessment was designed to help you, your child, or your friends understand their unique design better so they can  fulfill their purpose. Visit