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Define Your Goals

You’re a manager of God’s stuff. Do you know what’s required of you?

ALL managers need goals. If you’re married, you have to adopt common goals – but it takes teamwork and lots of practice.

I’ve been married 40 years, and I’ve learned a lot through failure. It wasn’t easy, but I learned that what God says about money is true.

20 years ago, Ann and I went through a Crown study and learned the following:

For spending issues, we needed to track all expenditures for 30 days. That was eye-opening! We chose to create a spending plan, live within our means, and give significantly more to God.

We learned that saving goals should include building an emergency fund, saving for big purchases like cars or home improvement, retirement, or our children’s education.

We learned the importance of having debt management goals to pay off credit cards, consumer debt and a mortgage.

Investing goals required setting specific dates and amounts. We learned the importance of diversifying and determining what we were willing to risk.

The Bible says: It’s required in stewards that they be found faithful.

Your work is to align your vision and goals with His purposes for you. Choose your top 2 goals, write them down and post them where you’ll see them frequently.

You may need to make lifestyle changes. But the discipline and self-control you exercise today will impact your future well-being.

Like Paul told the Ephesians: Make every effort to keep the unity of the spirit through the bond of peace.

And, if you need encouragement, advice or prayer to help you on your financial journey, call the Crown Help Line at 800 722-1976 or visit