Give Now

Debt-Free Degree

I have some great news for you! Regardless of your current financial standing, your children can graduate from college debt-free!


I’m not saying it’ll be easy, but it is absolutely possible.

Unfortunately, more people listen to the wisdom of the world than that of the Bible. And our culture tells us student loans are just a part of life, and that debt is just a normal part of our budget. But God has a better plan for you and for your kids! Even though Scripture doesn’t forbid debt, it does repeatedly remind us of the dangers and burden that come along with it.

Resolve not to borrow and teach your kids early that they can afford college by planning ahead.

They can start work at a young age and begin saving their money for college expenses. If they study hard, make good grades, achieve good ACT and SAT scores, and win scholarships, many of their expenses will be paid for in advance. Your family may want to look into the option of them living at home while attending school. Encourage your student to work while in college!

This is the plan we followed and so far, 3 of the 4 have attended college without student loans. And we have no intention of borrowing for #4. They don’t borrow and we don’t borrow…that is the rule for college in our home.

Someone said, give a man an education and he will build a new world, but give a man a loan and you can own that man forever.

A great way to save money and help your student prepare for college is through the Career Direct Assessment. It will clearly explain what course of study and career path is right for your child, which helps them save time, money and, stress in school.