Give Now

Dam or Sprinkler?

Are you a dam or a sprinkler?

I once heard that we handle money either like a dam or like a sprinkler. A dam stores up water. Whereas a sprinkler evenly distributes water across an entire area. Perhaps you are a dam, storing up and only allowing the extra to trickle off the top. If you’re a sprinkler, you intentionally spread your resources to bless the dry and thirsty. Giving is essential – not for God’s benefit, but for our own. He knows that we’ll experience abundant joy and blessing when we give. Not only is it our way of showing honor to Him with what He’s entrusted to us, but giving sacrificially forces us to be totally dependent on Him.

So, how can you give? If you’re a part of a Bible believing, doctrinally sound church, then start by giving there. Then, consider supporting other organizations that are building the kingdom of God. Involve your family as you consider all the options. Now there are countless other ways to give and help others. Providing meals, gift cards, babysitting, driving, or sharing your skills and talents. Look for ways to serve neighbors and consider doing it anonymously. You’ll be amazed at how your children will embrace this! Be rich in good works, generous and ready to share. The key is doing it with joy, not reluctantly or out of obligation. God loves cheerful givers. Ask Him how you can become a sprinkler that refreshes others. 

And if you struggle giving generously because of credit card debt, contact Christian Credit Counselors. They’ll create a debt management plan that works for you. For more information call the Crown Helpline: 800-722-1976 or visit online at