Give Now

Cyber Monday

It’s a busy couple of days – Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday!

If you’re a bargain shopper then you’ve gotta love Cyber Monday. This day has grown into a massive retail holiday that could surpass Black Friday sales this year!

In 2018, Cyber Monday sales reached nearly $8 billion! It was Amazon’s “single biggest shopping day in the company’s history.” More than 18 million toys and 13 million fashion items were ordered on Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. Now that’s a lot of …well…stuff!

Now before you’re caught up in the frenzy, or if you’re there already, stop and ask yourself some questions. Do I really need to buy this? Can I live without it? Is there something I could give that doesn’t cost money?

Much of what we buy is re-gifted or ends up in closets, storage units, thrift shops, or even landfills. We buy more than we need, spend money we don’t have and suffer from the stress the rest of the year.

So, guard your heart and your mind and your wallet!

And if you’re in debt or running low on cash this year, think of an alternative to buying gifts. Make presents, or do fun things that don’t cost a penny!

 Instead of shopping, you could even start planning for tomorrow. Giving Tuesday!

This year, 63% of Americans could not pass a basic financial literacy test. Let’s come together to lift the hurting, and help them learn God’s financial principles. I thank the Lord for this radio station that helps get God’s truth to so many. 

Now your gift to Crown, of any amount, between now and December 31st will be doubled in impact through our Matching Gift Challenge, and you can receive our new video series –  The Power of Redemptive Stewardship: 5 Keys to Faithful Living. It’s a thank you for your generosity! Learn more at