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Customer Service Counts

It’s Crazy Money Day!

Customer service has always been important to me. An organization’s reputation is built upon it. In July, Ann and I flew to a conference in Colorado. Coming back was a nightmare. We got up early to drive two hours into Denver International. I received an email on the way that our fight was cancelled. They rebooked us on a flight departing several hours earlier. Of course, we missed it. So there was no room for us on the next flight so we missed our connecting flight as well.  The employees were inept and unprofessional, and we resolved to never fly that airlines again!

Customer care is an integral part of building a business. Horst Schulze, Co-founder of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, knows this very well. He single handedly set the business operation and service standards that made the Ritz-Carlton brand globally elite and world-famous. In his book, ‘Excellence Wins’, he says, “Customer service starts the instant you make contact with an individual…To make customer service a reality, and not just a label, we have to hire the right kind of people and orient them thoroughly at the start, and then we have to repeat our values again and again. Every last employee contributes to creating loyalty among customers. If we settle for lesser goals like meeting the budget, for example, or safeguarding our jobs in a tough economy, we’ll miss the most important work.” Well clearly, the airline we used in July didn’t know this. 

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