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Credit Card Dilemma

Did you know that Scripture does NOT prohibit borrowing?  BUT…. not ONE positive reference can be found. In fact, MOST of the references are warnings about the dangers of borrowing.

America now has the highest credit card debt in history! And, the number of accounts that are seriously past due are growing! Our society is discovering all too painfully, what it means to be a “slave to the lender.”

We’re the only generation in history to borrow significant amounts of money to purchase consumables like food, clothes, vacations, or repairs. Our grandparents couldn’t imagine living like this. They lived on what they earned and saved in anticipation of hard times.

You can too!

But, you have to adopt a different mindset than our ‘buy now, pay later’ culture.

Educate and discipline yourself in order to experience the freedom that comes from paying your bills..…on time….in full….every month.

I live by 3 rules when it comes to borrowing:

First, only use credit cards for items you’ve already budgeted for. If it’s not in your budget for the month, then don’t buy it.

Second, pay your credit cards off every month. This prevents you from getting in the cycle of paying outrageous interest charges.

Third, if you ever have a month where you can’t pay your bill in full, lock the credit cards away or destroy them. Use cash only until your bill is paid.

Yes, you can borrow, but only what you can repay on time.

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