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Creativity – Aesop’s The Crow and the Pitcher

We all benefit from creativity. Do you set aside time for it?

In a dry spell of weather, some birds could find very little to drink. Seeking high and low, a thirsty Crow discovered a pitcher with some water in it, but it was tall and had a narrow neck.

The Crow tried but could not reach the water. Now he thought he was destined to die of thirst. Suddenly, an idea came to mind. Spying some small pebbles, he dropped them into the pitcher. Now the water rose until finally he could drink and satisfy his thirst.

Aesop’s Fable, The Crow and the Pitcher shows the reward of creativity and perseverance. Creativity’s an in-demand skill that differentiates us from robots and requires time of uninterrupted concentration. Multitasking actually distracts and gets us off focus. Time management is a key to creativity.

So try scheduling your tasks. Everyone can benefit by setting aside certain times during the day, the week or the month to work on certain things. This enables you to steward your time and creativity more efficiently and gives you the confidence that essential tasks will get your full attention.

Schedule appointments on certain days in similar locations. Now this saves you time and gas. Have set times for phone calls, meetings, and writing.

Analyze your use of time over the next few weeks. Record where your hours are spent each day. Then build yourself a calendar based on what you do and what needs to be done, and schedule in periods of deep thinking and see if your creativity doesn’t blossom!

Some of the greatest inventions and businesses were designed by those who attribute God to their creativity.

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