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Creating a Debt Snowball Plan

If you’re in debt, you know the fear, anxiety and stress it causes. But taking that first step to paying it off is the key to freedom!

Debt costs a lot of money, causes anxiety, stifles creativity and harms relationships. That’s why God warns against it in Scripture. He wants us to live in freedom so we can freely serve others – but debt holds us back.

Paying off debt as quickly as possible is important in our journey toward faithful stewardship. If that’s your desire, I challenge you to, “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him and He will do it.”

Commit to stop borrowing and get organized. List every debt you owe: the principal balance, the interest rate and the minimum payment due for each one. Order them from smallest to largest.

Next, make a budget and eliminate all unnecessary expenses. Determine how much extra you can apply to the debt each month. The more, the better! If you make a half payment every 2 weeks, you’ll make an extra full payment in a year.

Pay off your smallest debt first using the Debt Snowball Method – you’ll  continue to make minimum payments on your other debts, but any and all extra money goes towards the smallest one. Once it’s paid off, apply that payment towards your second debt until it’s paid off – and so on until you are debt-free!

Snowballing is simple to use – but requires discipline and commitment. You’ll be encouraged as you see those payments disappear,  and motivated you to stay the course. Soon, you’ll be able to save more, give more, and invest more. You’ll experience the freedom God intended – and the joy of being His steward.

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