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Crazy Money – Valentine’s Day

It’s Crazy Money Day!

Millions of people send roses to express their love on Valentine’s Day. Hundreds of millions of them are produced annually in anticipation of the holiday. Several years ago, Kanye West reportedly gave his wife Kim Kardashian a thousand roses! I wonder if she was impressed. I know it would not impress my wife. In fact, it would probably make her upset if I overspent!

Valentine’s Day can be expensive! Total Valentine’s spending in 2021 is expected to exceed $25 billion. As people who desire to steward well, yet show our love, we can find budget-friendly, creative alternatives to honor those we hold dear. Here’s my advice for not breaking your budget yet honoring your loved one. First of all, put your phones and computers away and give your full attention to one another. Try cooking a meal together. Support a local coffee shop. Plan a walk, a hike, or a bike ride followed by a picnic. Make some popcorn and watch a good movie. Play a board game. When our children were young, Ann would give them little gifts that spoke of the greatest love. New Bibles, Scripture bookmarks, and homemade heart cookies were sweet reminders of God’s love. One couple we knew kept a Valentine Card and returned it to one another each year with a new sentiment added. Now, that’s frugal and thoughtful! The bottom line is to be intentional in the gifts you chose, not indulgent and lavish. Maybe the most loving thing you can do this year is to stay on a budget! A little planning and prayer will allow you to do just that.

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