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Crazy Money – Trust God With a Job

Are you in need of a job?

Years ago, Chuck Bentley was in the same position. He asked God to open doors for him through his network of friends.  Within days a friend referred him to another friend who owned a large company. The interview was a few short questions about experience, training, and overall fit for the position. Well, he fell short in all three areas. The owner asked why he even came for an interview. He looked at him and said that it just wouldn’t work. At that moment, Chuck stood to shake his hand and asked with a level of confidence that could only have come from God, “Sir,” He said, “I understand your concerns. I know that I’m not very qualified for the position, but will you give me a chance to prove myself?”

He hired Chuck on a 90 day probation period.  If unable to perform, he’d be terminated.  By God’s grace, he made a very large sale for the company within the first 30 days. It shocked everyone, including himself! It happened month after month. The first year he was the top producer in the company and by the fourth year, he had set a number of company records. This year, ask God to open doors for you. Don’t expect millions of dollars, but be willing to leave your comfort zone and trust Him to provide all you need to excel in your work. Remember – God is faithful.

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