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Crazy Money! Tom Brady – Highest Paid NFL Player

It’s Crazy Money Day!

Tom Brady is the only NFL player over age 40. He has 7 super Bowl titles and an all-time passing records from completions to yards to touchdowns. Forbes ranks the NFL highest-paid players, and this year, Tom Brady leads the list. He’s expected to earn $75 million. Of that, $45 million comes from endorsements and endeavors off the field.

Early in my life, I desired to become a millionaire. I actually loved money. It controlled me in times when I had little or much and led me to make many poor choices. Through a series of events, God intervened and my priorities changed. A Crown Bible Study saved me from my worldly goals. I thank God for his grace and mercy. The Bible warns us about the dangers of loving money. It’s a root of all sorts of evil. If we don’t guard ourselves, money and possessions can be misused in the pursuit of self-gratification. 

Now money itself isn’t evil. It’s actually neutral, but when we worship it or love it more than God, it can spiral our lives out of control. An eternal perspective will protect you and keep God, not money, as the ruling guide for your life. Gratitude and contentment will shield you from bad choices. As Jesus said, “Love the Lord your God with ALL your heart and with ALL your soul and with ALL your mind.” (Matthew 22:37) It is the first and greatest commandment. So love God, not money, not football, nor anything that money can buy. The riches found in Him are truly priceless.   

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