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Crazy Money – The Lost Kitchen

It’s Crazy Money Day! 

Have you seen “The Lost Kitchen”, a miniseries on Discovery Plus? Each episode reveals the restaurant owner’s spunk and creativity in serving great food, even in the midst of Covid. The Lost Kitchen is a very successful restaurant in Freedom, Maine, hometown to owner Erin French. She grew up helping in her father’s local diner. You might assume that success came easy for her. Hardly. She lost her original restaurant after a difficult divorce. Depression, alcohol, and prescription drugs compounded life for the single mom, but with a heart of resiliency, French pushed through. She equipped an old ‘65 Airstream, cooked out of it, and hosted pop-up dinners in barns, orchards, and farms. By 2014, she had saved enough money to open her own place. She renovated a mill in her hometown and takes reservations in a unique manner.

Hopeful guests must mail postcards with their name, phone number, and a brief message. Only 40 people are selected and French strives to serve them a “perfect” meal and experience. Covid revealed her brilliant creativity. Diversifying to survive, she launched a farmers’ market online and served outdoor lunches instead of indoor dinners. She even built private dining cabins that she plans to convert to lodging. At one point in her life, French considered herself a failure. Thankfully, she didn’t give up! Now she cooks to extend hospitality and hope to others. I don’t know if Erin French is a believer, but she certainly has the qualities of a great steward.

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