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Crazy Money! The Cost of a Wedding

It’s Crazy Money Day!

I have four sons. Therefore I’ve never bought a wedding dress or paid for a wedding, but I’ve been to some pretty expensive ones. Even though a wedding’s a special day, there’s no reason to go into debt for a beautiful covenant-making ceremony before God and man. The average wedding expense for couples marrying in 2023 is expected to average $29,000. Most couples will send invitations to between 130 and 150 guests. They willingly spend thousands for the perfect venue. A wedding planner is hired, along with a caterer, photographer, and videographer. Then there’s the cost of flowers, a cake, music, hair, make-up, and the dress. The costs go on and on! That’s why I like the story of Ellie and Carson Simon. I don’t know them, but my wife found their story online.

They were married during Covid, so only 16 guests were invited. The venue was outdoors in Glen Canyon – a drive accessible for both families. Ellie found a dress for $20, borrowed a veil from a friend, and went barefoot. Her 3 sisters had fun doing her hair and makeup in the car. She picked her bouquet from the side of the road. A friend of the family prepared a pre-wedding picnic for everyone. Then, Ellie’s grandfather performed the ceremony while guests took photos with disposable cameras. The entire wedding cost only $100. Whatever your budget, aim to glorify God and thank Him for providing!

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