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Crazy Money! Taking Care of Your HVAC

It’s Crazy Money Day!

What’s the condition of your HVAC? We have our units routinely maintained every spring and fall. We had to replace one a couple years ago and it works great. Our older unit is barely hanging on and will cost $8,500 to replace. That’s crazy! We no longer have access to the refrigerant because Freon’s been replaced by Puron. It’s less damaging to the environment and humans, while not contributing harm to the ozone layer. In 2025 there will be a national requirement to switch to low-GWP, or global warming potential, for air conditioning units. Upgrading the HVAC can boost efficiency and cut utility costs. So I won’t complain. Just prepare financially, so you don’t have to borrow the money.

Find out what it will cost to replace your unit. Take that dollar amount and divide it by the number of estimated months until needing to replace. For example, if your unit will cost $6,000, you should save $250 a month for 2 years. Interest earned may be wiped out by inflation, but setting that money aside means you won’t have to borrow when the day arrives. I recommend regular maintenance checks from a trustworthy company and regularly replacing your air filters. The cheapest ones are less likely to create blockage that can overwork and damage the system. We try to change ours monthly with the hope we’ll extend the life of our old system. We’re called to steward whatever God provides…even our HVAC units! 

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