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Crazy Money! Stolen Driveway

It’s Crazy Money Day!

Did you hear about the woman whose driveway was stolen in broad daylight? A Florida family put their Orlando–area home on the market. One day, unsolicited contractors showed up to measure her driveway. When questioned, they said “Andre” hired them to quote a price for a new one. He showed her the text messages from the guy and authorities were called. “Andre” told them it was all a big mistake. He got the address wrong. Well, a week later, while preparing to leave town for Christmas, her Ring doorbell revealed a shocking site! A bulldozer was tearing up the driveway and loading up the busted concrete. By the time police arrived, the job was done and her drive had been turned to dirt. Her realtor was shocked and upon discussing with other realtors, learned that it was a contractor scam. It happens with roofs, painting, and more. Homeowners and contractors, alike, are victims of these scams. A radio sponsor offered to install a new driveway for her and she donated the money raised on GoFundMe to a local nonprofit.

Here’s how these scammers work. They find houses listed for sale and typically target empty ones. They pretend to own the house while getting estimates from contractors on various types of work. A check is written for more than the quoted amount. The scammer casually dismisses it as a mistake and asks for the difference back. He pockets that amount while the original check bounces. I know it’s crazy and can be hard to follow it!

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