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Crazy Money! Sound of Freedom

It’s Crazy Money Day!

Have you seen Sound of Freedom? Jim Caviezel portrays a Homeland Security agent battling human trafficking. Angel Studios crowdfunded the distribution. According to the Wall Street Journal, 7,000 people invested between $10 and $25,000 in just 2 weeks to reach a $5 million target. The movie had one of the biggest openings for recent faith-based films. Angel Studios used an unconventional “Pay it Forward” strategy to encourage people to see the movie. Their goal? To inspire two million people to attend the film’s opening weekend representing the two million trafficked children around the world. The program allowed people to pay for someone else’s ticket who might not otherwise go to see the movie, and it resulted in total ticket sales of more than $175 million dollars! That’s crazy!

For years MovieGuide has emphasized that movie-goers want family-friendly content with a strong moral message. There’s an increasing demand for more films with redemptive content that honors family, faith, and sacrifice. A senior Comscore analyst verified this saying, “The strong response to faith-based films reflects a demand by an underserved audience who are hungry for entertainment that reflects their values and beliefs….Such content can….generate solid box office and impressive profits for their investors.” Sound of Freedom is impacting the industry. Your support of these kinds of films influences producers. So be discerning about what you watch.

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