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Crazy Money! Settling Hospital Bills

It’s Crazy Money Day!

A report from the Moran Company reveals that hospitals are charging an average 500% of what they paid for medicines. One patient researched her costs and discovered a $700 charge for each push of an IV. The average cost at the time was $200. She found that a similar drug was available in tablet form for the price of a cup of coffee. Now that’s crazy! Here’s how to advocate for yourself. Upon receiving a hospital bill, don’t rush to pay it. Negotiate a lower bill or a reasonable payment plan, but you must come prepared to bargain with records and solutions.

First, verify the accuracy of your bill. A majority contain errors or overcharges. Get copies of the hospital records and check everything: duplications, incorrect codes, and charges for unused services. Next, check your insurance coverage. If a claim was denied, find out why. If it should have been covered, ask the hospital to resubmit the claim or appeal the denial with your insurance provider. Check or for fair pricing. Then arrange a meeting with a hospital patient advocate. Discuss cordially, then ask how much it would take to clear your balance. Negotiate politely as an ambassador of Christ, and if you can’t afford to pay off the total, ask for a reasonable payment plan. Medical bills are crazy expensive. So pray for insight and wisdom to handle them.

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