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Crazy Money! Pringles Crocs Collaboration

It’s Crazy Money Day!

I recently purchased a pair of Crocs to wear for working outdoors. The Offroad Sport Clogs are comfortable and practical! One of my sons owns an organic farm. His entire family wears Crocs. I learned that the company collaborated with Pringles to create a limited product line for men and women. The Classic Crush” boots combine comfort and flavor. While supplies last, they come with a special mini-can of Pringles that slips into an ankle holster. The exclusive ‘Croc-tail Party’ flavor is a fusion of watermelon, chili, and lime. For just $100 you can now carry chips wherever you go. The collection includes Pringles-themed Clogs with mix-and-match colors inspired by the chips’ flavors. They even offer Classic Slides featuring a retro Mr. Pringle design complete with a mustache. I think that’s crazy, but I do wonder how many of these I’ll see this summer.

Whenever we spend money, it’s money we can’t use elsewhere. Do you want to own a hundred-dollar pair of shoes or add a hundred dollars to your emergency fund? Do you want new shoes or should you pay down your credit card debt? All I’m saying is that when making financial decisions, there’s always a trade-off. Possibly it is an opportunity lost or a life that could have been touched by your generosity. So slow down, think it through, pray, and wait. Ask, “Is this a need or a want? Can it wait? Can I find it cheaper?” The decision is between you and the Lord. So Crocs or no Crocs, manage His money wisely.

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