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Crazy Money – Motivated to Give

It’s Crazy Money Day! 

I grew up in Texas, so I love learning inspirational stories of fellow Texans. Tremaine Brown is a University of Texas student-athlete graduate. He owns and operates a restaurant called Shi Lee’s with his mother. Known for its southern dishes like chicken-fried chicken, brisket nachos, and catfish, Shi Lee’s developed a reputation built on years of being generous to the community. The Amarillo Globe News describes Brown as a blessing to thousands of Amarillo schoolchildren and families. He describes himself as a vessel trying to do God’s work. When the pandemic reached Amarillo and schools closed, Brown knew there’d be hungry children. So, he and his seven-year-old daughter sacked up lunches for months. Family, friends, and businesses donated time, food, and money to support the effort. By November, they’d given away around 90,000 free lunches. 

Brown told the news, “I always saved my money and came up with some kind of way that I could use that money to save Shi Lee’s, but at the same time, put it back into the community.” Now Brown’s a single father. He teaches his daughter that: “You don’t have to know people to love them. It’s way better to give than to receive, and there’s a lot of people that don’t have all the blessings that she has, and if you have more, you should do more.” Colossians 3:12 reads, “As God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” Thanks Tremaine Brown for living this out! 

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