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Crazy Money – Most Credit Cards Ever

It’s Crazy Money Day! Do you know the number of the most credit cards issued to someone?

The largest collection of valid credit cards is held by a man with 1,497! Can you imagine? Now the average number of cards Americans carry varies between 2 and 5 depending on survey questions. If you carry multiple rewards cards, you need to consider three things.

Do the fees eat into the value of owning each one?

Now managed properly, the value from credit card benefits or rewards is worth the fees. Mine grants airline miles which we use a lot! However, if you have too many cards to manage, you’ll pay more in fees without maximizing the use of the individual cards.

Do you properly track your spending and bills?

Using multiple cards can spread spending across the account but bring surprising totals at the end of the month. If you miss a payment, a late fee could affect your credit and wipe-out overall benefits. Even with autopay, you have to make sure money’s in your account when payments are due. 

Do you know how to avoid losing points or miles when closing a card?

Obviously, use them before closing, or if allowed, transfer them to another card from the same issuer. Just check to make sure that’s allowed.

Credit cards can be helpful when managed well, but they can be disastrous when self-control is ignored, and if you truly depend on the Lord, you certainly don’t need 1,497 cards! 

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