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Crazy Money! Money Eating Dog

It’s Crazy Money Day!

Clayton and Carrie Law withdrew $4000 in cash to build a fence. They placed it on their kitchen counter and what happened next went viral on Instagram. Cecil, their 7-year-old goldendoodle, decided to eat it. By the time the couple discovered it, ol’ Cecil had devoured all but a few shreds of the money. Thankfully he did not need medical treatment! They monitored him at home and pieced together the bills that he hadn’t swallowed, but what about the rest? Well, they captured it when expelled, washed it, and taped it together, and were able to recover all but $450. That’s crazy!

Clayton and Carrie describe Cecil as a snuggly couch potato. He’s never eaten anything off their counter, but the smell of that money was irresistible. Their bank wasn’t surprised. Carrie explained, “They said it actually happens quite a bit because money just picks up on so many scents, especially if it’s used in the food industry. I guess dogs pick up on that – they have such a good sense of smell, and something about it just drove Cecil crazy.”

Well, the moral of this story is to be careful where you put your money! First, ask God for self-control. It’s produced by abiding in the Spirit. Next, set specific goals and use money only for what you resolve to do, then set a way to celebrate achieving each milestone to keep you motivated. Every great accomplishment requires great commitment. Even piecing together chewed-up hundred-dollar bills!

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