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Crazy Money! Million Dollar Birthday Gift

It’s Crazy Money Day!

A grandmother recently bought her grandson a scratch-off lottery ticket for his 18th birthday. He had reached the legal age to participate in the California lottery. Well, guess what – he won a million dollars! Now that’s crazy! For most people, a scratch-off ticket is an inexpensive form of entertainment. Yet, it sends the message that gambling’s just a game. It ignores the risk of addictive behavior. We wouldn’t introduce young children to cigarettes, illegal drugs, or alcohol, but giving access to gambling opens the door to potential long-term problems. Children should know how gambling really works. Companies involved in the gambling industry are in business because they always take in more than they pay out. Always! In order for someone to win, someone else has to lose.

As Christians, we’re called to die to ourselves daily and to lift others up. When we gamble, we hope others lose for our gain. It’s driven by greed. The desire to get rich and the desire to do so quickly is contrary to God’s Word. Gambling entraps the weak, especially the poor – the very people Christians are called to help. It encourages people to depend on the world and others to meet their needs instead of God. Gambling is just poor stewardship. It leads to tragic circumstances. We’re to guard our hearts by keeping our lives free from the love of money. Modeling gratitude for what we have communicates to children that they’re loved by God.  So, when buying birthday gifts, choose those that encourage faithful stewardship.

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