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Crazy Money! – Man Wins Lottery Twice on Same Day!

It’s Crazy Money Day!

A man in North Carolina had his dream come true. He won the Lucky for Life lottery drawing – twice on the same day. He bought one ticket and promptly forgot about it. So, he purchased another with the exact same numbers. Lo and behold, he won – twice! With two winning tickets, he could claim $50,000 annually for life. Or, he could take the lump sum option of $390,000 per ticket. He chose the lump sum. After taxes, he plans to pay off some bills, invest in his business and buy a house. I’m happy it worked out for him, but I can’t help thinking about all the others who lost.

I had a relative who was always broke. She used to buy lottery tickets all the time, even giving them for birthday and Christmas gifts. Now of course, if we won, she said we had to split the prize with her. Lotteries are promoted as an inexpensive way to get rich quick. When we participate in lotteries or other forms of gambling, we put our faith in chance, or luck. In Proverbs 24 we read, “By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established.” This gives wonderful insight into God’s economy. Buying a lottery ticket is an admission that you believe in luck rather than trusting God to provide your needs. God wants you to rely upon the characteristics of wisdom and understanding that He provides, not on what the world calls luck.

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