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Crazy Money! Financial and Spiritual Cost of Higher Ed

It’s Crazy Money Day!

Zillow says the average cost of a home is $355,000. A 4-year education at an Ivy League school can also cost that much! Is that crazy or what? Experts say the rising cost of education could be attributed to the availability of financial aid and easy access to student loans. Students with Pell Grants can pay the high prices because taxpayers fund the money. Now, an Ivy League degree is impressive, but is it worth it? How about a college degree period? A survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal and the University of Chicago revealed that 56% of Americans believe a 4-year degree is not worth the financial burden. Why? People often graduate without specific job skills and loads of debt.

Today we have an uncertain economy along with shifting demands in the job market. Besides that, college students are being exposed to beliefs that are not only contrary to the Biblical Worldview but they’re hostile to it. You have to weigh the financial and spiritual costs of college. If students are well-grounded, have good community and mentors, they can stay firmly rooted in their faith. Many grow in their walk and relationship with Christ as they witness the darkness around them. As far as financial costs, what’s the return on investment? What’s tuition after grants and scholarships? How quickly can they graduate? What can they earn upon graduation? Our Career Direct Assessment can help you in this decision.

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