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Crazy Money – Falsifying Resumes

It’s Crazy Money Day!

Most people desire to make a good impression when creating a resume. However, desperate people are tempted to lie in a competitive employment market. Some falsify education history and work experience, technical skills or positions held.  It’s not uncommon for hiring managers to find a lie on applicants’ resumes. Here are some crazy examples:

• One applicant claimed to be a Nobel Prize winner.

• One claimed to have worked in a jail when actually he was there serving time.

• One claimed to be the former CEO of the company to which they were applying.

• A dean of admissions at MIT claimed that she had three degrees. She worked at the university for 28 years before the lie was discovered!

• A high school principal in Kansas resigned from her position after high school journalists uncovered her false credentials while researching her background for the school newspaper, and there are many more. Others have not yet been caught.

Fear can drive people to lie. They need a job, they need the money. They think employers expect perfection. In reality, employers just want to know you and what you offer the company. Falsifying a resume is dishonest. Those who compromise truth fail to experience God’s blessing. They miss the satisfaction of working for a reward. Only the Lord’s provision brings peace and contentment. The deceitful may prosper in the short run, but their sin will find them out and truth will eventually be revealed either in this world or in the next.

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