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Crazy Money – Executive Quits Job After Making $$$ in Dogecoin

It’s Crazy Money Day!

A Goldman Sachs executive made millions of dollars from his personal investment in dogecoin then he quit his job. He’d worked there for more than 14 years. Now he’s thinking about starting a hedge fund. When someone inherits millions of dollars or makes a fortune in the market, it’s tempting to retire and live off the profits, but God designed us to work. God put Adam in the garden to work for his own benefit. It wasn’t a curse, but after the fall of Adam, work became much more difficult. God commanded us to “work six days”, and in the New Testament, Paul said, “If anyone’s not willing to work, then he’s not to eat, either.” (2 Thessalonians 3:10) There’s dignity in our work. It’s a blessing that creates purpose for us.

Now if you’re a Christian, view your job or business as an opportunity to serve the Lord. See work as a mission field in which you can bring God glory in all that you do. Plus, it’s a major opportunity to shed light in the lives of all you encounter. Let God be the owner of your work and see yourself as a faithful manager. God uniquely created you with special talents, interests, and personality. The most important question people can ask every day is this: “For whom do I work?” If the answer is anything or anyone other than the Lord, the biblical principles of work are not being applied. So, steward your work well. Whether you make millions like the Goldman Sachs executive, or not, remember to glorify God in whatever you do. 

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