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Crazy Money – Doomsday Bunkers

It’s Crazy Money Day! And one business is booming for the super-wealthy….doomsday bunkers! 

Even billionaires can struggle separating their wants from needs, and fear can cause crazy spending!

I envision bunkers as concrete shelters filled with cots, canned goods, freeze-dried food, and water, but not the mega-rich.

Robert Vicino is CEO of Vivos, a company he founded that builds luxury shelters around the world. He compares his bunkers to underground yachts that owners can finish out to their taste. Clients are sold that these are luxury second homes, appreciating assets that they can use anytime – disaster or not.

CNN reports that these shelters can withstand a nuclear strike – and come with power systems, water purifiers, blast valves, and air filtration. One compound in South Dakota is supposedly equipped with a community theater, classrooms, hydroponic gardens, medical clinic, spa, and gym.

Now the largest billionaire bunker in the world is said to be located in the Czech Republic. The estate has 77,000 square feet underground – complete with a garden, swimming pool, spa, cinema, and wine vault.

Now we do have very real needs in order to survive –  like food and shelter, but how often do you or your children overestimate what you actually NEED? 

Next time you make your shopping list, divide the items into wants or needs. You’ll gain control over your spending, and you can take bunkers off your list.  

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