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Crazy Money Day! Internships

It’s Crazy Money Day!

In April, Glassdoor released its list of top paying internships. They collected data between February 2021 and 2022. Tech occupied 17 of the 25 highest paying internships with most positions in software engineering or development. Finance and accounting internships were also listed. Gaming companies offered the highest pay with a median monthly pay of almost $10,000. Capital One and Uber were slightly behind with over $8,000. Not bad for an intern!

The main purpose of an internship is to gain experience. Sometimes they fulfill a college requirement. They reveal aspects of full-time employment while allowing students to explore interests and form career goals. A vital benefit of interning is gaining a mentor and broader network within the field. Interns who demonstrate enthusiasm, cooperation and humility will often find doors open up to them. Sometimes internships turn into permanent jobs. Managers and human resource personnel will observe interns to determine if they’re an asset for the company. Even if a full-time position isn’t offered, supervisors and mentors can be important references. This is beneficial when creating your resume.

Internships build confidence and help students set career goals. New relationships are formed and skills are developed. The opportunity for students to earn $10,000 a month is crazy money! I highly recommend internships even if they don’t pay that well.

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