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Crazy Money! Coach Griff Aldrich’s Priorities

It’s Crazy Money Day!

Griff Aldrich had a successful career in law and private equity, but loved basketball.  He founded “HIS Hoops” – a youth program in Houston’s Third Ward, one of the poorest in the city. Aldrich was a consistent father figure in the lives of kids who came after school for reading, math, Bible study, dinner and basketball. Kids were transformed before his eyes. He became so passionate about helping, that he and his wife moved to the Third Ward and adopted 3 children. In 2016, Aldrich left a salary of $800,000 to recruit for the University of Maryland Baltimore basketball team. The pay? $32,000 per year. Two years later, they became the first-ever 16th seeded team to defeat a Number 1 seed. 

Aldrich told CNBC that his decision to change careers is best understood through the lens of his faith. He finds great satisfaction mentoring and guiding young athletes – to shape their character on and off the court. Today, Aldrich earns $150,000 as head coach for Longwood, in Farmville, Virginia. His team made its first-ever appearance in the NCAA men’s Division -1 basketball tournament as the 14th seed. Longwood lost to Tennessee, but it didn’t take away from their season. In the locker room, Aldrich told the team how proud he was of what they accomplished. He said it was a special season and a special group of guys. He said, “I could not be more proud.” Well we’re proud of you, Coach! Your crazy money story is changing lives forever!

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