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Crazy Money! Churchill’s Teeth Auctioned

It’s Crazy Money Day!

The Cotswold Auction Company sold one of their most unusual items. It dates back to around the beginning of World War II. A gold-mounted denture sold for more than $18,000. That’s more than twice the expected price. Why so much? These six false upper teeth were designed to preserve the natural lisp of Sir Winston Churchill when he was 65 years old. They were so important that the prime minister carried two sets with him at all times. Today, a full mouth of dental implants can run $50,000 and more. Plus, it takes several months to complete even if you need just one! That’s crazy! Now, I saved several hundred dollars for dental implants by skipping general anesthesia, but the experience was so unpleasant, I gladly paid for it the second time!

It’s important to be good stewards of our dental health. Go for regular checkups and cleaning. Brush and floss regularly. My dentist recommends a Water Pik because it cleans in hard-to-reach spots better than flossing. Insurance and an emergency fund will grant you peace of mind when medical conditions arise. One of the best ways to break out of the debt cycle is to have a designated savings account. Whether your car breaks down, the AC goes out, or you lose a permanent tooth, you won’t have to rely on credit cards or loans to cover the cost. Save $1,000 in an emergency fund as a first step, then work on establishing additional levels of emergency and long-term savings.

And if you’re struggling with credit card debt because you lack an emergency fund, Christian Credit Counselors are standing by to help. They’ll create a debt management plan that will work for you. For more information visit